The Noble Park Community Centre: Celebrating the whole team!

The Noble Park Community Centre (NPCC) is a place truly by the people, for the people. It exists to foster community spirit and inclusiveness through social interaction and active participation and, as a not-for-profit organisation, it offers a wide range of activities to community members in Noble Park and surrounding communities.

I recently got down to see (and celebrate) the whole team.

From its community garden and knitting club, to its one-of-a-kind community run Noble Park Art Show (just to name a few of the activities it hosts!), the NPCC is a truly special spot. 

The Noble Park Art Show was recently recognised at the City of Greater Dandenong’s Australia Day awards! I got to NPCC to celebrate this award and, of course, the people who made it possible. 

This annual exhibition has been running since 2006 and showcases local community art for often first-time exhibitors. It supports artists of all ages through a range of prizes and facilitating the sale of artwork without taking a commission.

Well done to the entire team! 

Thanks also to the wonderful knitting club (especially Cecelia and Shiela) who gave me a handmade scarf, beanie and bear. I love them all!

NPCC art showNPCC knitters club