Optiscan Imaging in Mulgrave is developing technology that brings easier detection, quicker treatment and better outcomes for patients – no matter where they are located.

I got to see the technology in action. With a miniature digital microscopy probe powered by AI, specialists can see in real-time and remotely what is happening with patients. This solves many challenges patients face: physical access to experts, inadequate sampling in biopsies and the need for multiple surgeries for incomplete tumour removal.

It truly is a whole team effort that brings outstanding ideas to life and I met most of the people behind it: from the executive team, to the lead scientists, the developers, the quality control, and the precision technicians.

Optiscan was recently recognised as part of the Cooperative Research Centres Projects Grants Program with a $3 million grant.

According to Dr Camile Farah, CEO of Optiscan Imaging: ‘We are committed to pushing boundaries and making a meaningful impact, leveraging the talent and expertise that Australia has to offer.’

He added: ‘The $3 million CRC-P grant will significantly assist with our R&D efforts and will no doubt accelerate our work. We believe the program is an important support to industry which brings practical solutions to our nation’s healthcare problems.

‘We thank Minister O'Neil for taking the time to visit us and for her invaluable insights. We're excited about the possibilities ahead and look forward to continuing to drive positive change in the MedTech and healthcare industries.’

Thanks to Camile and the team for having me. I couldn’t be prouder to have this world-leading and industry-changing hub here in Hotham.