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Women's budget statement

April 03, 2019

Women are at the heart of Labor’s agenda. Why wouldn’t they be? More than half the Australian population are female and after the election, half our caucus will be too.

When governments make economic changes, they almost always affect women and men differently. And because most economic decisions makers are men, women get left behind and forgotten when they are not specifically thought about.

Who can forget the Liberals sorry record of cabinets that have had too few women ar...ound the table, and have neglected childcare, ignored the gender pay gap, underfunded women’s health and in one instance made tax and benefit changes that gave a large group of Australian women a 100% marginal tax rate.

Excluding women has consequences.

When the Liberals were elected in 2013, they scrapped the Women’s Budget Statement, which was the only document that analysed the impact of the budget on HALF THE POPULATION.

Labor will restore this statement, as a symbol of something much bigger than that: restoring women to their rightful place in the public mind, and around the Cabinet table. Here I am with one of the fierce female voices in Labor’s economics discussion, Madeleine King MP, with Chris Bowen who along with Bill and Tanya, made a brilliant speech at the women’s event this morning about Labor’s plans for women and the economy.

The other pic here is with my friend Sharon Claydon MP, who is, apart from being a dead set legend, one of our most active MPs pushing for great change for women, and who brought together this statement.