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Victorian State Election

November 25, 2018

It was such a privilege to spend election day with Steve Dimopoulos MP, my friend and a brilliant advocate for Oakleigh. Steve has lived, studied and owned his own business in Oakleigh, and has been an incredible representative of his community for years.

Daniel Andrews and his team ran a positive campaign on the issues that Victorians really care about. The incredible result was a testimony to the power of optimistic leadership. Dan's promise to deliver on education, health, climate change and public infrastructure translated into one of the most progressive, in-touch campaigns our state has seen.

The result was fantastic. A big congratulations to all my State Labor Colleagues on their Danslide and best of luck for another four years!

In comparison, the Liberal Party ran an extremely negative campaign with absolutely nothing positive to put forward for our great State of Victoria. Their campaign was nasty and small minded. As a result, the voters gave them a kick in the pants!

Labor will continue to push ahead into the future, leading with optimism at all levels. It's time for the Liberal Party to finally stand up to the far-right of the party and start listening to what Australia wants: positive policy, forward thinking leadership and stable government.