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Value Driven Politics

June 27, 2017

Last night, on Q&A, we were asked about authenticity in politics. I think we're seeing a lot of people who want to see something very different from their politicians. We constantly hear from the public that they are sick of politicians that sound like robots, that say the same line again and again, no matter what question they're being asked.

One of the things that is important in this, is that politicians, like myself, need to start talking more about our values and what motivates us in politics.

I often get asked why I entered politics, and it's to ensure that the children in my electorate of Hotham, and the whole of Australia, get the education and the opportunity in life that they deserve. I think that nothing illustrates the difference between the values that drive me and my politics (and those of my Labor colleagues) compared to those that drive the Coalition Government's.

While the Government is cutting billions of dollars in funding to our schools, they're giving big business a $65 billion tax hand out. What kind of government cuts funding from school students to give it to big business? To me, this speaks volumes about the values of Malcolm Turnbull's government.

What values do you think it's important for politicians to have?