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Time to Fix Australia's Housing Affordability Crisis

December 16, 2018

Today we announced that, if elected, a Shorten Labor Government will build 250,000 new affordable homes.

250,000 new homes for low income, working families. For key workers, including nurses, police, carers and teachers. For the fastest growing group of at-risk Australians - women over 55.

These news homes will have a universal design that's accessible for all ages and abilities. They'll be more energy efficient, meaning lower power bills. And, importantly, they'll come with a rental discount of 20 per cent.

That means that under our plan, a family paying the national rental average would save up to $92 every week.

We'll work with states and territories, local councils, and community housing providers, to make sure these homes are built where they're needed most and go to the people who need them most.

This project will be the biggest national housing program since the Second World War.

It's a big idea. But big problems like housing affordability need big solutions and that's what Labor will deliver.