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Standing up for our Schools

June 14, 2017

Standing up for our Schools

One of the best things I get to do as your Member for Hotham is visit local schools. I represent 46 schools and I love being part of each and every one of those school communities. I’ve met with Principals, parents, teachers, students and attended more school fairs than I can count. These schools are incredible places, pushing themselves to the limits with the funding they've got and focusing 100% on their students’ education.

I want to support to do more. But the government, in it's last budget, has decided to do the opposite, taking an amazing $22 billion away from what was promised to Australian schools.

In Hotham, some schools will lose up to $1.6 million just over the next 2 years. Nothings illustrates the difference between me and the Liberal Party more than where we stand on school funding. I got involved in politics to make sure every child in my community gets a fair go, so the proposal to cut school funding is something I'm dead against.

Last week, I met with Brian Martin, the Principal of Sacred Heart School in Oakleigh, to talk about funding for our Catholic Schools here in Hotham. Brian was concerned that the costs of running Sacred Heart were soon going to overtake the funding provided by the government. Sacred Heart School would either have to cut services and staff, or double its fees to make up for the short fall in funding.

For most people, fee rises will take away the choice of sending their children to a Catholic School. Under the Liberals’ policy, there is no guarantee that any school, public, independent, or Catholic, will ever get up to its fair level of funding. It’s not fair for our schools, for our communities or for our children, it’s a con.

Labor would restore every dollar of the $22 billion cut. That’s because we believe that every child, in every classroom, deserves every opportunity. I want better schools, better results and better support for our great teachers in Hotham.

They deserve nothing less.

Are you worried about the funding for your local school?