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Our Plan to Close the Gender Pay Gap

January 14, 2019

Pay equity is a serious issue that is more relevant than ever. It's one of the most persistent forms of inequality in the Australian economy: when you consider total remuneration, women still get paid about 23 per cent less than men.

One of the key drivers of the gap is the fact work in traditionally female dominated industries is undervalued. 

The average woman working in the most feminised industries such as health care, social assistance and education is paid around $30,000 less than the average man working in the most male dominated industries such as mining and construction.

Labor will deliver a fair go for Australian women by strengthening the Fair Work Commission's ability to order pay increases for workers in female dominates industries such as early childhood and aged care.

We'll change the Fair Work Act to make it clear that pay equity is a central objective of the workplace relations system.

We'll give the Commission greater capacity and funding to conduct Pay Equity Reviews and order pay increases in undervalued feminised industries.

We don't need to compare female dominated jobs with male dominated jobs to know that female dominated industries are often poorly paid and undervalued. It's a fact.

That's why Labor will reform the system as an important part of our plan to close the gender pay gap.