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Labor's Promise for Reproductive Rights

March 06, 2019

Reproductive choice and access to basic health care are fundamental rights.

Every Australian woman should have access to the health services she needs. That's why a Shorten Labor Government will deliver Australia's first ever National Secual and Reproductive Health Strategy to make sure all Australian women can access legal, safe and affordable reproductive health services.

Here's the plan:

We improve access to contraception -

  • We'll review the Medicare rebate for long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) to make sure cost isn't a barrier.
  • We'll consult with the Therapeutic Goods Administration to find options to improve access to the contraceptive pills, including investigating arrangements in New Zealand where you can get a three year prescription for the pill.

We improve access to safe, legal ways to end a pregnancy -

  • We'll review the Medicare rebate associated with medical terminations to address affordability issues.
  • We'll support doctors in the provision of medical terminations, including through funding an online community of practitioners and service providers.
  • We'll support access to termination services in public hospitals by ensureing Commonwealth-State hospital funding agreements come this the expectation that termination services will be provided consistently in public hospitals.
  • We'll fund a national telephone referral service linking women to safe, credentialed providers of termination services.
  • We'll work with states to end the criminalisation of abortion access across Australia

We'll provide $9.3 million in initial funding for the plan. Because we care enough about Australian women to invest in female-specific, reproductive health care.