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Labor's Plan to Protect Super from Dodgy Bosses

December 16, 2018

Every workplace deserves fair pay and conditions. One part of fair workplace conditions is superannuation.

Currently unpaid or underpaid employer superannuation contributions are a debt owed to the Australian Taxation Office, rather than the worker. Unless there is a clause in their award or agreement, workers can’t chase this money because it is not technically owed to them. That's just plain unfair.

Bosses who deliberately avoid paying their workers' superannuation are breaking the law and they should be punished to the full extent of the law. That's why Labor will change the law to include a right to superannuation within the National Employment Standards, which will give all employees the power to pursue their unpaid superannuation. By placing superannuation within the National Employment Standards in the Fair Work Act, a Shorten Labor Government will empower all employees to recoup unpaid super from employers through the Fair Work Commission or the Federal Court.

Scott Morrison and Stuart Robert’s proposed solution for unpaid super is to grant an amnesty on penalties. Morrison wants dodgy bosses who rip off workers to get off scot-free. Labor will hit them with bigger fines.

Standing up for workers is Labor’s defining mission. Only Labor can be trusted to protect workers and crack down on dodgy employers who are failing to pay their workers the super they deserve.