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Labor's Flexible Support Packages

March 04, 2019

"Dealing with violence and leaving is hard enough without the real fear that every other part of your life will fall apart too."

Brilliant to be with Bill Shorten, Tanya Plibersek, Linda Burney and Jenny McAllister (as well as the fierce warriors who run the Queen Vic Women's Centre) to announce that, through Labor's Banking Fairness Fund, we will invest $60 million in support to help women and children leave a situation of domestic violence.

The banks do very well out of Australians. Labor thinks it's time we asked them to give back a little more. Scott Morrison wants to give them a $17 billion tax cut, we want to re-balance financial services back in favour of ordinary Australians.

We'll only have one banking royal commission, and that means an opportunity to get it right. Labor intends to take it.

If elected, a Shorten Labor Government will deliver 20,000 Flexible Support Packages, to be funded from the Banking Fairness Fund.

Financial insecurity is one of the biggest barriers to a woman leaving a violent relationship - something that can persist for years as people try to rebuild their lives.

Each package will be individually designed to address the barriers women and their children face in getting safe and keeping safe.

Flexible Support Packages are a tried and tested initiative, and they work.

Labor will ensure family violence survivors across Australia get this kind of support to re-build their lives.