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Cuts to Food Bank Funding

November 13, 2018

This week, we saw Prime Minister Morrison attack the largest food relief organisation in Australia, the Food Bank. This is the third cut to Food Bank's funding since 2014 which, quite frankly, I find disgraceful.

Three years ago, the Food Bank had $1.5 million to carry out the amazing work it does. Thanks to Morrison's attempts to cut funding further, the Food Bank could be facing only $430,000 in funding. During a time when drought affected communities are becoming more and more vulnerable, it's unfathomable that the Morrison government could even consider cutting funds to an organisation that provides essential relief.

This cut truly reflects the Morrison Government's short sighted approach to policy. Their decision to cut Food Bank's funding in favour of OzHarvest, an organisation that does fantastic work but completely different work, shows that Morrison really just doesn't understand what vulnerable Australians need.

Thankfully, the Government has listened to Labor's calls to reverse the cuts. I welcome the Government's decision to back down on this cruel and thoughtless decision.