Monash Children's Hospital MRI

Morrison's cuts to health funding are having local impacts.

These cuts and restrictions on funding have meant that Monash Children’s Hospital are unable to obtain a full MRI licence. This means that local kids, many suffering from awful diseases such as cancer, are unable to use the specialist, child focused, facilities available. Instead, these children may wait longer and face the possibility of having to travel to adult facilities to receive their scans.

To the House of Representatives:

This Petition of certain residents of the Federal division of Hotham and surrounding areas draws to the attention of the House the Coalition Government’s consistent attacks on Medicare and the effect that this is having on Australian’s healthcare. Petitioners note:

  • That a lack of available funding has meant that Monash Children’s Hospital do not have a full MRI licence.
  • That the lack of a full MRI licence at Monash Children’s Hospital means that many local children have to travel to adult facilities, rather than being able to utilise the specialist MRI facilities, designed for children.

The petitioners therefore request that the House of Representatives calls on the Government to cease its attacks on Medicare and provide the funding for a full MRI licence to Monash Children’s Hospital.