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I'm inviting local residents to provide feedback about their experience with the National Broadband Network (NBN) as it continues to roll out in our local community. 

I believe that fast broadband is crucial to our future. Since becoming your representative in Canberra, I have pushed for local residents to be provided with fibre to the home. It's what our households and businesses deserve.

But, because of decisions taken by the Turnbull Government, there remains a digital divide in Hotham and the South East of Melbourne.

Some suburbs have got superior fibre to the home, while many of our local communities have received old copper and cable technologies.

These technologies, using old copper and cable infrastructure, instead of superior fibre, have been plagued by problems and are not capable of reachign the top NBN speeds advertised, which has now been admitted by two of the major service providers.

Issues with speeds and reliability continue to be experienced by consumers all around the Country.

I'm concerned that Hotham residents are being left with with a second-rate NBN that costs more and does less. 

Under Labor, you would have has fibre to the home. Be assured that Labor will continue to fight to deliver a better experience for our community and the first-rate broadband that we deserve.

Fill out the NBN survey now to have your say.

I encourage residents who want to have their say to fill out the survey. I will raise concerns you have about the NBN in Parliament, witht he TUrnbull Government, and the NBN Co.


If you haven't yet been connected -I want to know if you're happy with the planned roll out of FTTN or HFC in your area, rather than the faster FTTP or FTTC alternatives.

Not sure of your FTTPs and FTTNs? Click below for our NBN FAQ.