Health Policy


Quality health care for every Australian when and where they need it.

As your Labor MP, I firmly believe your health care should depend on your Medicare card, not your credit card. Labor created Medicare and we will always protect it.

  • Invest in more beds, doctors and nurses – to cut waiting lists for elective surgery and unclog emergency departments.
  • Hospital upgrades - Labor invests $1 billion on vital upgrades to Australia's public hospitals.
  • Deliver new MRI machines – with Medicare licenses for the suburbs and regions that need them.
  • End the Medicare Freeze – to address rising out-of-pocket costs and keep health care affordable.
  • Private Health Insurance - Labor will cap the price increases of private health insurance premiums at 2% for two years and task the Productivity Commission with reviewing the private health system, with an emphasis on improving affordability and value.
  • Making HIV history - Labor will commit $53 million to prevention, testing and treatment of HIV, including expanding access to the game changing preventative  medicine, PrEP.
  • National Standards for Private Drug and Alcohol Treatment Providers - Labor will protect patients and families by regulating for-profit drug and alcohol treatment providers for the first time.
  • Driving down Australia's stillbirth rate - Labor will invest in driving down Australia's stillbirth rate, funding prevention and research programs in a bid to save lives and spare families the unimaginable heartache of losing their babies.
  • Women's Reproductive Rights - Labor will deliver the National Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy to ensure all Australian women can access affordable, safe and legal reproductive health services.
  • Ovarian Cancer action plan - Labor will provide $12 million towards Ovarian Cancer Australia's National Action Plan for Ovarian Cancer Research, potentially preventing 2500 cases of breast cancer and 800 cases of ovarian cancer.
  • Suicide prevention - Labor will be guided by the recommendations of the National Mental Health Commission target to reduce suicide by 50 per cent over ten years.
  • Cheaper breast cancer scans - Labor will ensure that all women with breast cancer get affordable access to life-saving madical scans to drive down the cost of cancer treatment.
  • Medicare cancer plan - Labor will deliver the biggest cancer care package in Australian history with a $2.3 billion investment to dramatically slash out-of-pocket costs for cancer patients.
  • Pensioner dental plan - Labor will invest $2.4 million into dental for pensioners and senior Australians.


I'm proud to say that Labor is committed to delivering better healthcare for Hotham. Under a Labor Government, a Headspace centre will be funded to open in Monash to ensure all young people have access to quality mental health services when they need it. We will also restore the Coalition's unfair cuts to hospitals and invest more in our healthcare system, including Monash Health Services which will receive an extra $23.47million under Labor. Find out more about Labor's plan for health and hospitals here: