Education Policy


Give every child, in every school the best start in life

Investing in education is critical to building a stronger economy. We want all children get a quality school education that nurtures their individual talents and prepares them for the future. 

  • Give every school the funding it needs – with more teachers and resources to give students greater individual attention and extra support for kids with special needs.
  • Two years of pre-school education for every child – quality universal preschool education for three and four years olds taught by qualified early educators.
  • Create more apprenticeships – waiving upfront fees for 100,000 TAFE students and making one in ten positions on infrastructure projects an apprenticeship.
  • Build better TAFE – invest $100 million in TAFE upgrades and guarantee public TAFE receives two thirds of vocational education funding.
  • More university places – end the Liberals cap on university places and help 200,000 more young Australians graduate from university over the next decade.
  • Bursaries for Top Achievers - Labor will give our nation's top achievers $40,000 bursaries to encourage our best and brightest students and professionals to go into teaching.
  • National Preschool and Kindy Program - Labor will introduce a new two year National Preschool and Kindy Program to guarantee 700,000 Australian children access to subsidised preschool.
  • Evidence Institute for Schools - Labor will take the politics out of the classroom and ensure that all students and teachers have high quality research at their fingertips.
  • Crack down on sexual assault in Universities - Labor will give a new independent taskforce strong powers to crack down on sexual harassment and assault at universities and residential colleges.
  • Review the NAPLAN system – Labor supports taking a serious look at how to improve the insights we get from tests like NAPLAN, and how we can better focus on the progress of students and schools over time.
  • Pre-Apprentice Program - Labor will smooth the transition of 10,000 young job seekers into workplaces by providing 20 weeks of pre-apprenticeship training.


Under a Labor government, Hotham schools will receive an extra $20,320,000! Want to find out how much extra funding your school will receive under Labor? Find out here: A Fair Go For Schools.