2019 is an important year for Australia. We have an opportunity to set our nation's agenda for the next three years and beyond in this federal election.

For the past 6 years, we've had some of the most unstable leadership Australia has ever seen. Under three different Prime Ministers, the Coalition has wasted Australia's time playing political games instead of getting on with the job. Quite frankly, Australia deserves better.

Below, I've included some information about me, my values and my priorities. I hope you find this information useful when deciding how you'll cast your vote.



Why I'm in politics

I’ve worked in both public and private sectors throughout my career. In the private sector, I worked at the New York Stock Exchange, as a business adviser and as a consultant to key industries around Australia. I learnt a lot through my experience there, but the public sector has always been where my passion is and where I believe I can make positive change.

I entered politics at 23, when I became the Mayor of the City of Greater Dandenong. Since then, I’ve been elected to Federal Parliament and had the honour of representing the electorate of Hotham since 2013. I’ve been the Shadow Minister for Justice since 2016 and the Shadow Minister for Financial Services since 2018.

For me, politics is about doing what’s right for my community and my country. As politicians, we have the power to do a lot of good, and I’ve dedicated my career to pushing for positive change.

First and foremost, politics is about fairness and getting the best deal for everyone. I will continue to fight for a fair go for all Australians, whether that’s through quality healthcare, access to education or climate action.

I’m committed to standing up for my community.


My priorities as your representative

You can find a comprehensive list of Labor’s policies for Australia on ‘Clare’s Platform’ (click here), but there are a few issues in particular that really mean a lot to me.

I’m a mum of two gorgeous boys and I want to make sure they, and all other Australian children, get the best chance in life. That’s why education is so important to me. For years the Liberals have ripped funding from our early education centres, our schools and our TAFEs and universities. That just doesn’t sit well with me. I want to make sure every child has access to a world class education, all the way from pre-school to TAFE or university.

I also want to see urgent action taken on climate change and energy. Power prices and climate change are serious issues that deserve a serious plan. We must take action to reduce carbon emissions and move towards cleaner, sustainable energy to make sure we can pass on a cleaner world to the next generation. It's also important to me that we invest in a clean energy future and end the policy paralysis around energy to give investors the security they need to invest in the next generation of clean energy. Action in this area is a priority for me.

Finally, as Shadow Minister for Financial Services, I want to see immediate reform to our financial services industry in response to the findings of the Royal Banking Commission. The behaviour within the financial services industry that has been uncovered by the Commission has been appalling, corrupt and possibly criminal. This warrants urgent reform to protect consumers. One of my priorities as your representative is that we take immediate, informed action to clean up the industry and restore trust in our banks.



My values as a politician

I believe that politics must be driven by values, not personal interest. This is what I'm committed to when representing you in our Federal Parliament.

Right now, public trust in politics is at a crisis point. For years, trust in politicians and the political system has been in decline. My work is driven by the knowledge that the people of Hotham have put their faith in me to represent them. Politics is not and should never be about personal gain, rather for the good of the community. I'm committed to upholding the trust that has been invested in me.

I'm also driven by fairness. I believe in a future where your gender, skin colour, income, sexuality or background does not put you at a disadvantage. No one should struggle to access quality healthcare or education because of the money in their bank account, or be excluded from prestigious opportunities because of their gender or skin colour. We can and should do better.

Most importantly, I'm guided by optimism. My work is founded in the belief that we can and should do better. Too often in politics, our leaders shy away from tough issues, but in my opinion that's just not good enough. Issues like climate change are tough, but with enough thought and commitment I'm confident we can find solutions.

These values of upholding public trust, fairness and optimism are what drive me and allow me to represent my community as best I can.

I've linked some of the speeches I've made in Federal Parliament. If you want to see more of my speeches and media appearances, click here.

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